Rebecca Volpetti & Vyvan Hill In Wild Foursome

October 21st, 2016

Teens Rebecca Volpetti and Vyvan Hill were chilling at our house when my boy started kissing the girls. They returned the favor with a double blowjob, which is something every man should have on his bucket list. That’s when my other buddy walked in and Rebecca turned her attention to his pecker. Soon they were fucking the girls in synch. Renato discovered that Rebecca really likes having a finger up her ass so he put his dick in instead. Matt was also looking for some anal action so they traded girls for an all out orgy.
Rebecca Volpetti And Vyvan Hill

Luscious New Pornstar Kristina Miller Pummeled

October 20th, 2016

Today we had luscious Russian hottie Kristina Miller visiting us here in Budapest. She called and said she would be here to check out our vacant apartment by noon so we cleaned and had the pad sparkling. Kristina sounded sexy on the phone but she exceeded all expectations upon arriving. She was so fucking amazing and looked so damn good. Kristina didn’t speak much English so we had a friend translate for us. I don’t know what he told her but she was sucking cock before she put the phone down. Kristina Miller rent was paid.
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New Pornstar Peyton Paisley Splashed With Jizz

October 19th, 2016

Just the freshest and juiciest pussies are accepted here at the cum fiesta house so we only let girls like Peyton Paisley in. I can’t count how many snatches that have passed by our infamous palace only be turned away because they weren’t up to par. Peyton came to the door, showed her perky tits as the password, and got admitted immediately. She traveled all the way from Alaska so I guess we’re considered a national treasure now. Peyton Paisley was not about to let her long trip go down in vain so she had to get freaky as fuck.
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Busty Milf Richelle Ryan Getting Hammered Hard

October 18th, 2016

Smoking hot and incredibly busty Richelle Ryan joined us to show off her amazing milf curves today. This gorgeous babe did not disappoint and it wasn’t long before her massive ass started spilling out of her tiny dress. Richelle teased us with some ass shaking, booty bouncing magic before she got down to business with our milf hunter. She sat on his face to smother him in her ass and pussy without letting him up to breathe. Richelle Ryan then went wild on his cock with some serious throat fucking action before hopping on for a ride.
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Teen Schoolgirl Piper Perri Rides On A Giant Cock

October 16th, 2016

Teen schoolgirl Piper Perri was studying when her stepbrother came in the room to watch TV. She was laying on her stomach with a miniskirt on that revealed part of her sweet rump. The stepbrother began checking out Piper’s ass and pulled her skirt up to get a closer view. She stopped him and continued studying but soon enough she was feeling on his crotch with her toes. Piper felt up his cock and told him it was huge before he took off her panties and put it inside her. She was shocked at how big it was but managed to fit it in her twat. Piper Perri rode that dick and got a warm cum shower all over her pretty face.
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Naughty New Latina Pornstar Amber Faye Boned

October 15th, 2016

Sexy Latina Amber Faye’s juice bar customers were complaining about someone filming outside her shop so she went to check it out. She confronted the cameraman and he explained that he was going to film a workout video. Amber was interested in bodybuilding so she asked if she could join in and he ecstatically said yes. They went to the shoot location and he agreed to train her but only at his place and for a small favor in return. He whipped out his schlong as soon as they arrived at his house and Amber knew exactly what she needed to do. She got on her knees and deep throated his hard cock. He fucked Amber Faye’s tight pussy all over and then glazed her pretty face with a huge load of jizz.
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Busty Ebony Cutie Brittney White Gets Pounded

October 14th, 2016

They say everything is bigger in Texas and I believe that now after seeing the humongous knockers on Brittney White. Those amazing tits hung from her chest like two luscious melons and I had to control the urge of sucking on them myself. What was even more amazing was how much of freak Brittney is. This busty ebony goddess spent a few minutes showing us what she was working with and she was already begging for the cock so we had to give her what she desperately needed. Trust me, Brittney White did not disappoint.
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Teen Tiffany Watson Bangs Big Black Dick Teacher

October 13th, 2016

Tiffany Watson’s high school teacher stopped by her house to have a word with her parents. She was the only student failing his class and he couldn’t let that happen. The parents weren’t home but Tiffany invited him to wait for them inside. That’s when the teen turned her charm on and began coming on to her teacher to insure he didn’t tell her parents. Tiffany finally succeeded after a few attempts and her teacher pounded her pussy in several different positions. Her amazing ass bouncing up and down on his cock made him rethink her grade. Tiffany Watson is now an honor student with all A pluses in his class.
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New Pornstar Mickey Tyler Blasted With Hot Cum

October 12th, 2016

Mickey Tyler is a very cute blonde who came to the cum fiesta house and showed us the secret password. Her pierced tits looked pretty amazing and so did the rest of her smoking hot body. Mickey told our boy about her masturbating habits and then gave us a quick demonstration. He pulled out his big thick dick and she almost gagged when she tried to deep throat it but she still managed to give him an incredible blowjob. Mickey Tyler got pounded in every position possible before receiving a steamy hot cum facial as her reward.
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Hot Newbie Quinn Wilde Gets Trying Out For Porn

October 11th, 2016

There’s something truly special about seeing a hot young amateur like Quinn Wilde making her way into the porn game. There’s obviously the allure of having a well known porn star getting rammed and doing her thing but I think fresh meat is better. Quinn is a newbie in every sense of the word but she wanted to make her first mark in porn here. She’s a fresh newcomer with beautiful eyes, a captivating smile, and a gorgeous body. Quinn Wilde will make it big in the game since she has everything needed and she’s also one hell of a freak.
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Teen Pornstar Audrey Charlize Nails Stepbrother

October 10th, 2016

Getting a new stepsister like Audrey Charlize has to be every teenage boy’s dream but you just don’t know until a hot teen girl not related to you starts living with you. Stepsisters have hormones going all crazy and they need to fuck but they’ve got no good options so their stepbrothers will make do. Their relationship established via their parents getting married was meaningless to Audrey Charlize but her stepbrother was worried about their parents catching them. Stepsister gave no fucks and was all about getting to get that dick!.
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