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December 6th, 2016

Hot milf Remy Larue wanted some time to herself so she decided to go to the park and read a book. She loved being away from her husband to clear her mind and relieve some stress. The milf hunter was out riding his bike when he spotted Remy dressed in a red dress looking vulnerable and sexy. The idiot fell over and scraped his knee while looking at her. Remy ran to his aide and see if he was okay. She was inspecting his knee when she noticed a sizable bulge in his pants and she became quickly aroused. Remy Larue is a total freak so she invited him back to her place to ice his knee and make him more comfortable.
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December 5th, 2016

My buddies were going to the bank to cash a check when they noticed a sexy Latina girl named Sage Axel standing out front. She was mad because they wouldn’t cash her check and she really needed the money. My boy offered Sage some money if she agreed to go back to the house with them. This luscious Latina damsel in distress accepted and it wasn’t long before she was sucking dick. Sage Axel rode that cock as her big juicy ass bounced around everywhere before getting that warm and steamy man juice all over her sexy body.
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December 4th, 2016

Barely legal teen Rosyln Belle had just turned 18 and she trying to find a way to surprise her boyfriend. She thought about it a few minutes and came up with the brilliant idea of covering her pussy with his favorite candy. Belle’s boyfriend was definitely appreciative and more than a little surprised when He arrived. He licked all of the candy from her wet snatch and then fucked her all over the living room. He then blasted his load all over a batch of candy that Rosyln Belle had in her hands and she quickly ate that soon afterward.
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December 3rd, 2016

The notorious Red Hood broke into another crib where he found a valuable necklace. He was looking for additional goods when he heard the muffled sound of people talking outside the front door. The Red Hood made a dash towards the bedroom and kept his cool as a couple entered the house. They had a mundane conversation in the living room and then the female said she was going to take a shower. Red Hood found the perfect place to hide to take a peek as Kendall Woods undressed and showered. After a few minutes of beating his meat, he approached her for behind. Kendall was startled but turned on so she grabbed his dick and went to town. While The Red Hood was fucking her tight pussy, her boyfriend knocked on their door. Kendall Woods created a diversion so Hood could escape.
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December 2nd, 2016

We welcomed alluring Blue Angel back to our apartment building with a surprise treat. We figured she would love a chance to relax after her long trek through Europe so that’s exactly what we got her. We had a personal massage waiting for Blue upon her arrival and she couldn’t have been any happier. It was truly a win-win for us all since she got fully undressed and we got to view her glorious figure. Blue Angel was feeling a bit freaky after the massage so we called our boy and she went to work to pay the rent for her apartment.
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November 29th, 2016

The milf hunter had to take a driving lesson to get his license restored and his instructor was Tylo Duran. He was having trouble paying attention to the road because this hot milf’s huge tits were too distracting. Tylo yelled when she noticed him staring at her enormous jugs and finally told him to pull over. She decided the distraction was too much for him so she had him focus on just one thing in particular. She took off her top and pulled his dick out. Tylo gave him a footjob and then sucked his cock. He then pounded her pussy all over the car. Tylo Duran got that man juice all over her and Hunter got his license to fuck back.
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November 27th, 2016

The cabbie had just dropped fine ass teen shopaholic Jessie Lynne off and she had a ton of shopping bags. Our boy was in the area and he offered to carry her bags inside the house for her. Jessie thought he was hot and wanted to thank him for his generosity so she made the first move on him. She was pleasantly surprised to see how big his cock is as she began to stroke and suck it. He then proceeded to pound Jessie Lynne tight teenage pussy until he couldn’t hold his nut anymore and warm cream shot all over her pretty young face.
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November 25th, 2016

Delectable Veronica Snow decided to fly in from Florida and show up at our humble cum fiesta house to show us some love. She came by with horny intentions and she was wearing easily accessed panties. Veronica was probably one of the horniest chicks we’ve ever had here at the house and she was definitely about that cum fiesta action. We got to the action right away because this girl was too wet to wait. Veronica Snow confessed that she came all the way here craving a big cum load right in her face and I did not disappoint.
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November 24th, 2016

Luscious Kerry Cherry flew in from Saint Petersburg to rent one of our apartments. She’s a sexy Russian hottie with long sexy legs and a naughty smile. We offered Kerry our special payment plan and she agreed. She signed the lease and started out by undressing to reveal her gorgeous body. Kerry then spread out on the couch and played with her sweet pussy using a dildo. My buddy joined the party and she sucked his cock. Kerry Cherry got her pussy and asshole pounded before swallowing down that man juice. Her rent was paid.
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November 22nd, 2016

Teenager Gina Valentina was having trouble finding the perfect outfit to really wow her boyfriend on their date. She was nervous and really wanted to look great so she asked her stepmom Kate Linn for some help coordinating. The hot teen wasn’t wearing underwear since she just got out of the shower and stepmom began checking her out while she changed. They started making out and then got into a pussy licking bonanza. The boyfriend came to pick his teen girlfriend up but she was obviously too busy to answer the door. He let himself in and completely caught them by surprise. Gina Valentina felt very embarrassed but that didn’t stop a vet like Kate Linn from convincing him to enjoy the fun.
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November 21st, 2016

I was off to buy some brewskis when I spotted Kelsi Monroe stranded in the middle of fucking nowhere. She’s one of the hottest girls in the porn world and she was basically a damsel in distress waiting to fuck anybody that came to rescue her. I pulled up to ask Kelsi if she needed any help and I could sense the desperation in her voice. I went over to check her hoopty out and I didn’t know what the fuck I was looking at but I still had to make her believe I did. I then proceeded to invite sexy ass Kelsi Monroe back to my place to wait for her boyfriend to pick her up and I’m sure you can pretty much guess what happened next.
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