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July 30th, 2016

I was chilling near the beach when I found a real hot ebony beauty named Envy Star just strolling down the street. She was on vacation and not at all shy to say she was looking for dick. My buddy came to pick me up so I introduced Envy to him and we all headed back to the crib. This hot momma did not disappoint at all. Envy knows how to shake her amazing ass and loves making her massive tits bounce all around. She’s an expert cock sucker who really likes to get sloppy as well. Busty Envy Star is way too much hotness to miss out on.
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Busty New Pornstar Ms Yummy Takes White Cock

July 29th, 2016

Busty Ms Yummy looked extra yummy showing off her new bikini. Her big tits looked nice and they looked even better when oiled up but let’s not forget about her fantastic round backside. Ms Yummy enjoys jiggling to show off her curves and that definitely caught my boy’s eye. He got his hands all over that yummy booty and his pussy rubbing skills get her engine humming. Ms Yummy rubbed his big dick between her huge boobs before sucking it down her throat. Outside in the pool is not a proper place for fucking so the duo headed inside to test out how much bouncing a couch can take. Ms Yummy rode his cock and then proceeded to pound it doggy style before taking a nice steamy hot load to finish things off.
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Naughty Newbie Suzy Rainbow Is Pounded Hard

July 28th, 2016

Alluring Suzy Rainbow came from Hungary this week to rent one of our apartments. She’s a cutie with beautifully perky boobs and a nice round booty. We offered Suzy our special payment plan for the rent and she accepted the deal before signing the lease. She started by undressing to reveal that juicy rump and sweet tits of hers. Suzy then gave my buddy an awesome blowjob. After that she rode that dick like a champ. Suzy Rainbow got drilled extra deep and ended up with warm man juice all over her pussy. Her rent was paid in full.
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Budty Latina Emily Mena On Black Monster Boner

July 27th, 2016

Emily Mena is a hot Latina maid with humongous tits. She was cleaning my homie’s crib when she noticed the bathroom door was cracked while he was in the shower. Emily took a peek through the cracked door and saw the biggest dick she’d ever seen. He saw her peeping but she was shy and denied it at first. Emily’s boss wasn’t mad and just wanted to give her a better look. She touched saw it, touched it, and tasted it before he pounded the hell out of that pussy. Emily Mena ended up getting a big eyeful of warm cum for peeking.
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Sexy Newbie Elsa Taylor Has First Porn Audition

July 26th, 2016

It was just another day around here with another future porn superstar being broken in and today we bring you Elsa Taylor. She’s an aspiring young chick trying to make her way in the porn world and I think we can guarantee she’s going to make it big judging by how she performed in her audition. Elsa has the right attitude and a hot body to back it up. Her cock sucking game is also on point. Elsa Taylor is one hell of a trooper and she shared what inspired her to try it in the porn game. She can also take a dick like a fucking champ.
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Busty Cutie Nina North Gets Nailed By Cable Guy

July 25th, 2016

Busty Nina North is hot as hell but she can sometimes make a box of rocks look smart. Her cable was out and she couldn’t figure out why. The cable repairman politely pointed out the reason to Nina but she wasn’t so sure. That’s when the cable guy made a mental note that this hot chick could probably be easily seduced. Nina wasn’t happy when he pretended that fixing her cable was going to be a costly and time consuming affair. He was a smooth operator and offered her a faster and cheaper solution. Nina North got the cable repair job done for nothing and started receiving free premium channels for screwing that cable guy.
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New Pornstar Alexis Deen Gets Face Cum Covered

July 24th, 2016

Alexis Deen stopped by the house for some hardcore action and walked right in after showing her perky passwords. She was a very naughty girl and said she loves every position. Alexis stripped down and let us hear how wet she was. There was no need to tease because she was there to get her brains fucked out as she put it. My buddy isn’t new to the game so he took his time and got a few gags out of her first. He then proceeded to bang Alexis Deen silly and gave her a proper face coating to remind her to tell her friends.
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Hot New Latina Pornstar Martini Bows Clobbered

July 23rd, 2016

We were in the parking lot at the mall when a Latina cutie named Martini Bows approached us. She explained that the repo man had caught up to her and taken her car with all her money and stuff in it. Martini was frantic and said she would do anything for money. She was ready to go back to the house with us and do whatever and she proved it by sucking my boy’s dick right in the parking lot. He took Martini home and soon after she was naked while sucking that cock. This gorgeous Latina got her pussy pounded hard as that big juicy ass of hers bounced all around. Martini Bows got steamy man juice all over her pretty face.
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Busty Latina Hottie Kimmy Kush Gets Railed Deep

July 22nd, 2016

Busty Latina Kimmy Kush was looking super hot in the dress she had on so my buddy joined her outside with a jar in his hand. He asked her if she likes jelly and she said she does. Soon after, Kimmy had strawberry jelly spread all over her huge tits. She shook those massive jelly jugs all over the place. The action continued inside where she sucked and titty fucked that cock. She rode that dick as her big knockers bounced all around. After getting her pussy drilled deep, Kimmy Kush got that man juice all over her gigantic boobs.
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New Pornstar Lovenia Lux Humps For Free Rent

July 21st, 2016

Delectable Russian Lovenia Lux flew in from Saint Petersburg to rent one of our apartments this week. This beauty knew absolutely no English so we needed a translator to give her the details of our special deal. Lovenia got an ear to ear grin on her face as soon as our buddy finished translating the terms of our rental agreement. The free rent is a complete pussy magnet and besides Russian girls are total freaks anyway. Lovenia Lou obviously screwed my boy to get her apartment for free but I never doubted she would for a second.
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